What is the Best Grass for Abilene Texas Lawns?

Hot summers and mild winters make Abilene Texas a unique area for grass growth.

In Abilene, residents struggle through blazing hot summers, long periods without rain and mild winters.

The grasses that grow best in Abilene are few. They need a combination of defensive properties that resist heat, cold, and drought.

Best choices for Lawn Grass in Abilene?

The most common and healthy-growing grasses in Abilene are:

  • Buffalo Grass

  • Bermuda Grass

  • St. Augustine

Buffalo Grass

It’s one of the few grasses native to Texas. It grows wild in Central and South Texas. The buffalo that used to populate the Great Plains used this grass as one of their main food sources. It grows in all seasons and stays low enough to ensure minimal maintenance. It can survive even in the drier, more desert-like places of Texas and is great for large expanses.

Bermuda Grass

It is durable, versatile, and easy to plant. It boasts superior heat and drought tolerance. Central and South Texans use this grass most often for their lawns, but it’s tough enough to cover athletic fields and parks. Even in hot, dry areas, it will maintain a green color year round. It also grows fast once planted, as long as it receives moderate


St. Augustine

This grass is a widely used warm season grass. You’ll find it most often in tropical Africa, Australia, and Mexico. The moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and non-stop summer heat help St. Augustine reaches its full potential. Its blades are wide for soaking up plenty of sunshine, but it will struggle in the winter.